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Raffle Ticket Security Features

The availability of inexpensive high quality desktop scanners and printers make the counterfeiting of Raffle Tickets a real possibility. It is also quite possible that a determined counterfeiter could purchase the exact same Raffle Ticket online. Remember that your advance Raffle Ticket sales give a counterfeiter the luxury of time.
Anti-counterfeit protection features on your Raffle Tickets is a must.

Fluorescent Imprint.

We imprint our Raffle Tickets, Drink Tickets and Event tickets with an ink that glows brightly under black light. This imprint cannot be reproduced with color printers. Any attempt to counterfeit our tickets will become evident when viewed under a blacklight available on this site. This is the same technology used on modern U.S. currency.

Unique Order Number

Every Raffle ticket, Event ticket and Drink ticket order is assigned a unique identifying number when the order is placed. We print this number on the ticket and stub which means that even if a counterfeiter orders the exact ticket from us the identifying number will NEVER match.