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Frequently Asked Questions

Security Features - FAQ


QUESTION - Why all of the security features

ANSWER - The availability of  inexpensive  high quality desktop scanners and printers make the counterfeiting of Raffle Tickets a real possibility. Remember that your advance Raffle Ticket sales give thieves and counterfeiter the luxury of time.


QUESTION - Do these security features increase the cost of my ticket

ANSWER - No. We gladly absorb the few pennies of cost in order to provide what we feel is the best and most secure ticket on the market. We know that this level of security will ultimately save our customers untold money, embarrassment and perhaps even legal fees.


QUESTION - What if someone makes copies of the winning ticket

ANSWER - We imprint the back of your ticket using an ink that can not be duplicated with a color copy machine. This ink can be seen with the naked eye but when exposed to an ultraviolet light source it “lights up” leaving no doubt that the ticket is authentic. It also looks cool. This is the same technology used in modern U.S. currency.


QUESTION - What if someone orders the exact ticket from

ANSWER - Every Raffle ticket order is assigned a unique identifying number by our computer when you place your order. These numbers will never repeat. We print this number on the ticket and on the stub which means that even if a counterfeiter orders the exact ticket from us the identifying number on the ticket and stub will NEVER match.


QUESTION - What information do you keep on your computer

ANSWER - We keep information about your ticket purchases, shipping and billing information and general statistical information about our sales . For your safety we do not keep your credit card information, this must be entered for each purchase.