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Frequently Asked Questions

Drink Tickets - FAQ


QUESTION. Why is the “” web site printed on the back of my Drink  ticket?

ANSWER This is a safety feature that glows under black light and can not be duplicated on a color copy machine.


QUESTION. What is the 6 digit number printed on the front of the Drink Ticket?

ANSWER This number is unique to your ticket. If the exact ticket is fraudulency ordered from us this number will NEVER match the winning ticket stub


QUESTION - What information do you keep on your computer

ANSWER - We keep information about your ticket purchases, shipping and billing information and general statistical information about our sales . For your safety we do not keep your credit card information, this must be entered for each purchase.


QUESTION. I made a mistake on my drink ticket

ANSWER Your raffle tickets were printed from approved copy sent to us by you.  Please enter a new order with the corrected copy.


QUESTION. You made a mistake on my drink ticket

ANSWER Please contact us. We have stood behind our products for over 40 years and will correct any errors , however we assume no  liability other then reprinting your raffle tickets.


QUESTION - Why do you only accept credit cards.

ANSWER—At our low prices we can not handle open accounts or ship C.O.D. Terms are payment by credit card at time of order. In order to keep your prices as low as possible it is essential that we avoid the expense of billing and bookkeeping detail.


QUESTION - How soon will my drink tickets ship?

ANSWER—Your tickets can ship in as little as 15 minutes after you place your order. Realistically due to our volume and UPS pick up times please allow 24 to 48 hours, not including weekends and holidays