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Local Lottery Numbers

It is very popular to use the last 3 numbers in a local lottery as the winning numbers on Raffle Tickets. This method will allow for 1000 tickets to be sold. A new twist on that is to put 2 numbers on the tickets allowing for 2 chances to win on the 500 raffle tickets that can be sold.

Raffle Tickets Packaged for Success!

The Professionally Printed Raffle Tickets purchased from are an important part of your fund raising efforts and must be  shipped to you securely and without damage. 

Our Raffle Tickets are double shrink wrapped and packaged in a very tight fitting box or in a water proof foam padded pouch for maximum protection. Large orders, that are shipped on a pallet, receive the same attention with the addition of a tough plastic over-wrap.

You will also notice that we do not identify your packages as containing Raffle Tickets. We feel  that is prudent not to advertise the contents.

We would appreciate any feedback that you would care to offer on the condition of your Raffle Tickets upon arrival.

Do not get caught short

If this is your first raffle or your 50th, the question is always - "How many raffle tickets should I buy" While the answer is not simple, it is always better to overbuy than to run short. The few extra dollars spent will be well worth it. If you run out of tickets you will need to place an expensive rush order or lose sales. 

Thank You

I would like to say thank you. The organization was making their raffle tickets. Wish we knew about you 19 years ago. The tickets came at a time when the weather was bad. We thought we were not going to get them in time(wrong). I received them in plenty of time. In fact, they were ordered on the 3rd after 6pm and I received them on the 6. The quality is great. We will be ordering again. Also, thanks for the calendar and phone message pad. Do you print these for the public with their organization on it? 


Back printing as a sales aid

Want to make it easy to sell your raffle tickets?  Just print a coupon, paid for by a local business, on the back of your raffle ticket that is worth more than the selling price of the ticket. Ticket buyers may support your organization and your cause but if they can do it at no cost, your tickets almost sell themselves.

Who will pay for your tickets?

It is just about time to start planing for the summer fundraising events and part of that planing is to find patrons who see the advantage of advertising on the back of your raffle tickets.We can put just about anything on the back such as coupons or free offers and you get free tickets. This is a winner for everyone.

BRT Comments


Thank you so much. Our guild will continue to use your company for our ticket needs in the future! 

Elizabeth V



Just letting you know I received the raffle tickets yesterday -look great!  thanks -

Rita K


Hi Tom,

Our tickets did meet our expectations, and they did arrive in good condition.

Thank you




As always they met my expectations, and they arrived in excellent condition.

Thank you

Sincerely, Diana T



 I just wanted to thank you again for your extra effort tonight by staying late to take care of me. I hope the review I put on your Facebook page helps your business.

Thanks again for your help,

Danny B


Thank You Notes

If your experience in this industry is anything like mine, positive feedback is I wanted to thank for a great job on the raffle tickets.  I don't need them very often but nice to have a reliable source!
Thanks again! Mike G.

Hi Tom!

Thank you for the great tickets! They came today.

Thanks for your help!

Michele S.

Hi Thomas,

The tickets you delivered were exactly what we expected.  We are completely satisfied with the quality of the tickets and your prompt and flexible service.

 The tickets arrived in perfect condition. 

 We will keep your company in mind for future raffle ticket needs. 


 Bob S., Secretary


Tickets arrived today and are already mailed.

Again, Thank You



Thank you very much for your help, it is greatly appreciated. I received the tickets today and they turned out great !!! I look forward to doing more business with your company in the near future.

Liz K



Successful Raffles—Part 10

You can often get local businesses to donate prizes, or the Raffle tickets themselves, in exchange for advertising on the back of your raffle ticket.  Businesses will often pay for the full cost of the tickets for smaller raffles while larger raffles, 50,000 or so, will generate enough interest that larger businesses will be happy to donate the grand prize.


You can be very creative with gift certificates printed on the back of the Raffle Ticket such as a free massage, dinner for 2, golf lessons or just about anything that would appeal to your prospective Raffle Ticket buyers. Do not forget that large donors may want their company mentioned on collateral material such as flyers, posters, as well as other media outlets.


Successful Raffles—Part 9

Sell Your Tickets. Have each purchaser fill in his or her contact information, then tear the ticket in half at the perforated stub, keeping the stub with the contact information and giving the participant the ticket with the raffle drawing information on it.

Last Raffle List. If you have tabulated the information on the stub of your last raffle, you have a ready made contact database. Be sure to contact these people.

Give your Raffle Ticket sellers an incentive.  Be sure that the seller has their name on the Raffle Ticket stub so that you can have a “Seller Raffle”. The more tickets sold the better the chances for winning.

IMPORTANT: The above suggestions are just a few of the methods that you may consider in selling your Raffle Tickets. The importance of checking the legality of your offer with your attorney,

to make sure that your raffle and marketing fit inside all governing regulations, cannot be overstated.