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Raffle tickets hints for 2019

When you print your Raffle tickets you will need certain information on them.


On the side of the raffle ticket that the purchaser keeps is where you will want to list event information such as your organization name, address and phone number, list of prizes, event name, drawing date and location as well as any other required information as outlined in Successful Raffles—Part 3


On the stub side of the raffle ticket, provide spaces for participants to fill in required information. This information will vary with the raffle but usually includes the participants name, address, phone number, email address and sometimes seller information. It is also a good idea to put the name of the raffle and the date on the stub.


Some state regulations require that raffle tickets be numbered on both ends, so look into the rules for your particular state before having your raffle tickets printed. That being said, it makes little sense to not number your raffle tickets.