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What is a Silent Auction?

 Silent auctions are auctions held without an auctioneer. People place their bids on sheets of paper instead. They're often used by charities to raise money, but they can be tricky to put together. With good planning, however, it's easy to set up an auction and get the most out of your items. Soon enough, you'll have raised a good amount of money in just a few hours!


If your Guild conducts Quilt Raffles we have the perfect Raffle Ticket for you.
Our tickets come in 10 attractive colors of card stock, are numbered in 2 locations and are perforated.
And perhaps the best feature is how easy our web site is to use no matter your computer experience.


We are so confident that you will love our Raffle Tickets that we would like to send you a free sample. Our Raffle Ticket sample kit includes one printed raffle ticket complete with numbering, perforation and all safety features plus 9 unprinted paper samples to show our complete range of paper colors.

 Raffle Ticket samples will be mailed by United States Postal Service on the next business day after we receive your request. We will send a confirmation to your e-mail address.

We are proud of our 43 years of experience and are excited to bring to your organization the most comprehensive Raffle Ticket available

Should I login as a “GUEST” or "CUSTOMER"

When you login as a guest on you will have full access to the site.However any information that you enter must be reentered the next time that you visit the site. 

When you login as a customer all of your information will be saved making your next order much faster.

 For your safety we do not keep your credit card information, this must be entered for each purchase.

We are proud of our 43 years of experience and are excited to bring to your organization the most comprehensive Raffle Ticket available.




Beacon Printing, Inc., the parent company of, has been a full service commercial printer since 1971 and has the ability to print and customize any form that you may need. The process is easy:

  • Call our customer service department to get started
  • They will take your idea and turn it into a design
  • The design is submitted to you for approval or revision
  • We print and ship your project as requested
Your Custom Products will receive the same attention to detail as our Raffle Tickets so consider Beacon Printing, Inc for the print requirements for your business or organization.


Simple—Just place a new order with the quantity that you need and be sure that you change the starting number to the last number of the previous order plus 1. Remember that the 6 digit security number printed on the Raffle Ticket and stub Will be different from the original order. If you have any questions feel free to contact


 It is customary in raffle ticket sales to offer bulk discounts. For example $1.00 each and 5 for $4.00. To make these sales easier many organizations will staple tickets into books. But as many a volunteer has learned, all of those staples have to come out and that can be painful — ouch! In addition, staples add bulk to your tickets and can make mailing and distribution of your Raffle Tickets difficult. offers a much better method known as padding where we apply an adhesive glue to the right edge of the tickets. This method allows you the freedom to tear off either a single ticket or easily set up books for bulk sales or seller control. This leaves any group of tickets bound together until you separate them. We offer this service in pads of 250.

And the best news; for a limited time we are offering this service at no additional charge - just make a note “Please pad this order” in the “COMMENTS / ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” when you place your Raffle Ticket order at:


We are almost into the spring raffle ticket season and that means that it is time to consider the safety of your raffle tickets as well as your organization.  Since raffle tickets are used to award valuable prizes they are often a target for counterfeiters. Therefore we use anti-counterfeit features as a standard for all of the raffle tickets we print, at no additional cost. By incorporating these anti-counterfeit features into our raffle tickets we make their reproduction intractable.

Check it out at

We are proud of our 43 years of  experience and are excited to bring to your organization the most comprehensive raffle ticket available.


Actually you can't really get "FREE" raffle tickets - but you can get someone else to pay for them.
At we have the ability, for a slight up-charge, to print  the back of your raffle tickets. For example if you purchase 1,000 raffle tickets for $32.00 you can print the back for an additional $15.00 for a total  of $47.00. You will not have any trouble finding a sponsor who is willing to pay the $47.00 to have their company ad or coupon on 1,000 raffle ticket stubs.

Remember that at you will receive: 
FREE UV security imprint
FREE instant proof of your raffle ticket
ORDER in only 10 minutes


Printing you own Raffle Tickets can be done at home
1. Go to the local stationary store and buy your ticket paper. Make sure the paper will work in your printer
2. Open up your favorite word processing program and set up your ticket wording, You can print 8 tickets on an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper
3. Open up a program that will allow you to consecutively number your ticket and set up the 16 numbering locations.
4. Print your ticket
5. Find a local print shop that will perforate and cut your tickets to the final size

Or you could
1. Order on line from (Takes about 10 minutes)
2. Enjoy time with friends and family
3. Your tickets will be shipped the same day

We are proud of our 43 years of experience and are excited to bring to your organization the most comprehensive Raffle Ticket available.