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Determine the price of your Raffle Ticket

You can search the internet for hours to determine the selling price of your Raffle Ticket, but it will always depend on your unique situation.

A few things to consider when determining the selling price of your raffle ticket.

1.       How much money do you want to raise?

2.       How many Raffle Tickets do you reasonably expect to sell?

3.       Do your prospective Raffle Ticket buyers love your organization, or are they sold to the public to win a nice prize?

4.       Do you have a backup plan if you do not sell enough Raffle Tickets to cover you costs?

5.       Is your prize legal, or politically/ morally correct for your area and your organization?

6.       What is the cost of your main prize?

7.       Is your prize appealing to your target prospective buyers?

8.        What are the operating costs of your Raffle, including consulting with your attorney?

Your organization will want to invest considerable time into the planning of your Raffle to get the best results.

The Best Prize

Cash raffles, Cars, Time shares, Guns, Liquor, can all be great prizes for your raffle. But anyone can purchase these. Why not promote your raffle with a prize that cannot be purchased, such as an interaction with a local celebrity? Lunch with a Local sports figure, a grill out at your home with a popular local TV celebrity, popular chefs may serve a dinner at their kitchen table or view the big game from a local corporations sky box, the list is limited only by your imagination. And remember that the back of your Raffle Ticket is always available to promote the prize giver.

Raffle Ticket Notes - 2

A tombola is a form of raffle in which prizes are pre-assigned to winning raffle tickets. Typically, numbered raffle tickets are used, with prizes allocated to all those ending in a particular digit (traditionally a five or a zero). Players pay for a raffle ticket, which they then draw at random from a hat or tombola drum and can instantly see whether or not they have won a prize. Prizes may also be distributed by letting the player make a selection or by proactively marking prizes with the winning numbers.

Tombola’s are a great way to add an additional revenue stream to your function.

When considering a raffle or any fundraiser for your organization, be sure to consult your attorney to make sure that your fundraiser is legal in your location.

Raffle Ticket Notes - 1

A raffle often involves several different possible prizes that can be won, and a raffle ticket will be drawn from the group of raffle tickets sold at random for each of the prizes. In this manner, people are not buying raffle tickets to win a specific prize, but for the possibility of winning any of the prizes, as the prizes do not have specific numbers attached. A raffle ticket is drawn for the initial prize; that ticket is then left out of the container. A second raffle ticket is then drawn for the next prize, and that ticket also is discarded, and so on. This continues until all prizes have been won.

A common practice for increasing revenue from raffle ticket sales is to offer bulk sales of tickets, e.g., $1 per single ticket or $5 for 6 tickets. Players tend to spend more money on bulk raffle tickets believing they have a much better chance of winning. Since the raffle tickets cost little to produce, and the prize expense has been set, the number of raffle tickets sold creates little or no additional cost for the organization holding the raffle.

Nonprofits who run raffles raise more money than more traditional ways of raising money because people are more willing to donate to an organization when they have a chance to win a prize.

When considering a raffle or any fundraiser for your organization, be sure to consult your attorney to make sure that your fundraiser is legal in your location.

True Random Raffle Tickets

Does your organization use Raffle Tickets based on the last 3 numbers of a lottery and you have 2 numbers on a ticket? If so, we offer a Raffle Ticket that has 2 completely random numbers on each of the 500 Raffle Tickets. Most Raffle Tickets have a separation of 500 between numbers, however our tickets have a variable separation between the 2  numbers on your Raffle Ticket with no duplicate numbers. These tickets are priced at $64.00 for the 500 and are  available only on request.

Local Lottery Numbers

It is very popular to use the last 3 numbers in a local lottery as the winning numbers on Raffle Tickets. This method will allow for 1000 tickets to be sold. A new twist on that is to put 2 numbers on the tickets allowing for 2 chances to win on the 500 raffle tickets that can be sold.

Raffle Tickets Packaged for Success!

The Professionally Printed Raffle Tickets purchased from are an important part of your fund raising efforts and must be  shipped to you securely and without damage. 

Our Raffle Tickets are double shrink wrapped and packaged in a very tight fitting box or in a water proof foam padded pouch for maximum protection. Large orders, that are shipped on a pallet, receive the same attention with the addition of a tough plastic over-wrap.

You will also notice that we do not identify your packages as containing Raffle Tickets. We feel  that is prudent not to advertise the contents.

We would appreciate any feedback that you would care to offer on the condition of your Raffle Tickets upon arrival.

Do not get caught short

If this is your first raffle or your 50th, the question is always - "How many raffle tickets should I buy" While the answer is not simple, it is always better to overbuy than to run short. The few extra dollars spent will be well worth it. If you run out of tickets you will need to place an expensive rush order or lose sales. 

Thank You

I would like to say thank you. The organization was making their raffle tickets. Wish we knew about you 19 years ago. The tickets came at a time when the weather was bad. We thought we were not going to get them in time(wrong). I received them in plenty of time. In fact, they were ordered on the 3rd after 6pm and I received them on the 6. The quality is great. We will be ordering again. Also, thanks for the calendar and phone message pad. Do you print these for the public with their organization on it? 


Back printing as a sales aid

Want to make it easy to sell your raffle tickets?  Just print a coupon, paid for by a local business, on the back of your raffle ticket that is worth more than the selling price of the ticket. Ticket buyers may support your organization and your cause but if they can do it at no cost, your tickets almost sell themselves.