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Local Lottery Numbers

It is very popular to use the last 3 numbers in a local lottery as the winning numbers on Raffle Tickets. This method will allow for 1000 tickets to be sold. A new twist on that is to put 2 numbers on the tickets allowing for 2 chances to win on the 500 raffle tickets that can be sold.

Raffle Tickets Packaged for Success!

The Professionally Printed Raffle Tickets purchased from are an important part of your fund raising efforts and must be  shipped to you securely and without damage. 

Our Raffle Tickets are double shrink wrapped and packaged in a very tight fitting box or in a water proof foam padded pouch for maximum protection. Large orders, that are shipped on a pallet, receive the same attention with the addition of a tough plastic over-wrap.

You will also notice that we do not identify your packages as containing Raffle Tickets. We feel  that is prudent not to advertise the contents.

We would appreciate any feedback that you would care to offer on the condition of your Raffle Tickets upon arrival.