Producing Quality Raffle Tickets for 43 Years!

Successful Raffles—Part 7

Remember that the raffle tickets that you are selling are legal documents and their production should be left to professional raffle ticket printers such as


A professionally printed Raffle Ticket will have the following:

1. Consecutively numbered on both ends without the possibility of a duplicate number.

2. A unique computer assigned order number on the ticket and stub.

3. Die cut perforation.

4. Ultraviolet printing on the back of the raffle ticket that can not be duplicated on color copy machines.


Don’t risk your fund raising event to an easily forged raffle ticket!


Successful Raffles—Part 6

When you print your Raffle tickets you will need certain information on them.


On the side of the ticket that the purchaser keeps is where you will want to list event information such as your organization name, address and phone number, list of prizes, event name, drawing date and location as well as any other required information as outlined in Successful Raffles—Part 3


On the stub side of the ticket, provide spaces for participants to fill in required information. This information will vary with the raffle but usually includes the participants name, address, phone number, email address and sometimes seller information. It is also a good idea to put the name of the raffle and the date on the stub.


Some state regulations require that raffle tickets be numbered on both ends, so look into the rules for your particular state before having your raffle tickets printed. That being said, it makes little sense to not number your raffle tickets.


Successful Raffles—Part 5

When offering a large prize such as a car or major cash award, be sure that the raffle ticket sales will cover the cost of the prize plus the funding that you are trying to achieve. A large prize will definitely attract attention but will it support a raffle ticket price of $50 or $100 or higher? Will your prospective ticket buyers want to spend $100 on a raffle ticket or would you be better off selling 4 times as many tickets at only $25 each. Consider a stop loss on your raffle such as canceling the raffle and returning sold tickets to the buyers if a certain level of sales is not achieved or perhaps linking a cash prize to the amount of tickets sold. The terms and prizes of your fund raising efforts are up to your organization and you can be as creative as you would like—just be sure to check the legality of your offer with your attorney.


Successful Raffles—Part 4 for 2019

Decide on a prize. The best prizes are those that appeal to your prospective Raffle Ticket buyers. A hunting rifle may be an attractive prize to someone that lives in a rural area but may be of little interest to an intercity dweller.

Consider offering multiple prizes. You will give the raffle ticket buyers several chances to win a prize and perhaps win more than 1 prize by throwing the winning number back in the raffle drum. Large cash awards as well as prizes such as alcohol, tobacco, and firearms may all have special reporting requirements as well as requirements pertaining to the wording on your raffle ticket. Be sure that you consult your attorney on these issues.