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Successful Raffles—Part 3

In addition to any wording required by state or local regulations, your Raffle Ticket should be printed with the “5 W’s”: Who, What, Where, When and Why.

Who is giving the raffle

What is the prize that is being raffled

Where will the raffle take place

When will the raffle take place

Why are you having the raffle


Successful Raffles—Part 2

Be sure that you check your state as well as your local government regulatory agencies to make sure that you can legally sell raffle tickets and hold a raffle. You will find that while some states have vary simple rules others have very stringent rules, regulations  and reporting criteria that must be followed. Consult your attorney about your raffle and your raffle ticket wording, it will be well worth the fee.


Successful Raffles—Part 1

A raffle is a game of chance in which participants purchase raffle tickets in exchange for the chance to win a prize. The prize is typically determined by a random drawing of the winning raffle ticket from the pool of sold tickets. Raffles are regulated by State and local governments and the laws vary by location. Be sure that you consult your attorney or your CPA in the early planning stages of your raffle.