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What is a Chinese raffle, Penney Raffle or Tea Cup Raffle

These are great ways to add an additional revenue stream to your event no mater what you call it.

Here’s how it works:


A quantity of prizes, services or gift certificates are obtained. These prizes can be donated or they can be purchased by your organization.

Multiple Raffle Tickets are purchased by the patron at a price that will guarantee a profit for your organization. The Raffle Ticket price is based on the relative value of the prizes being offered. Many types of raffle Tickets can be used including Roll Tickets, Numbered and perforated Raffle Tickets with a stub or sheets of numbered raffle tickets.


Every prize is numbered and has a box next to it with the corresponding number.

The patron will put their tickets in the box corresponding to the prize that they would like to win. Each ticket deposited will increase their chance to win that prize and there is no limit to the number of tickets that can deposited.


At an agreed upon time a winning ticket is drawn from each box.


The winners of raffle items will notified in accordance to the terms of the raffle.