Producing Quality Raffle Tickets for 43 Years!


We offer 10 colors of Raffle Ticket card stock to our clients at the single click of a mouse. From time to time you may notice a slight change in the shade of these colors. We find that it is sometimes necessary to change suppliers, due to price and availability, and the shade of these colors often varies between these suppliers.

No matter the supplier, you can be assured that all of the high recycled content paper used by in the printing of our Raffle Tickets is made in paper mills located in the USA from trees grown on tree farms located in the USA.

If you would like additional information on our Raffle Tickets, check out our web site www.BeaconRaffleTickets.Com or give us a call toll free at 1-844-232-2664



You and your organization have worked hard on this important upcoming fund raiser. So when it comes to purchasing Raffle Tickets be sure to go with the best.

Our company,, is proud to provide your organization with the best Raffle Ticket available. Since our first Raffle Ticket, in 1971, we have constantly improved our quality. From our USA made paper to currency grade security features thru the delivery services that we use, we keep quality at the forefront.

So when quality counts be sure to choose as your Raffle Ticket supplier.

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Why do you only accept credit cards on Raffle Ticket orders.

At our low prices we can not handle open accounts or C.O.D. shipments.  In order to keep your Raffle Ticket prices as low as possible it is essential that we avoid the expense of billing and bookkeeping detail.Therefore our terms are payment by credit card at time of order.