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 It is customary in raffle ticket sales to offer bulk discounts. For example $1.00 each and 5 for $4.00. To make these sales easier many organizations will staple tickets into books. But as many a volunteer has learned, all of those staples have to come out and that can be painful — ouch! In addition, staples add bulk to your tickets and can make mailing and distribution of your Raffle Tickets difficult. offers a much better method known as padding where we apply an adhesive glue to the right edge of the tickets. This method allows you the freedom to tear off either a single ticket or easily set up books for bulk sales or seller control. This leaves any group of tickets bound together until you separate them. We offer this service in pads of 250.

And the best news; for a limited time we are offering this service at no additional charge - just make a note “Please pad this order” in the “COMMENTS / ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” when you place your Raffle Ticket order at: