Producing Quality Raffle Tickets for 43 Years!


Beacon Printing, Co. started in a Cold Spring Kentucky basement in 1971. Within 6 months we quickly expanded beyond the capacity of that space and moved a few miles north to the central business district in Newport Kentucky. In 1989, we constructed a modern printing plant at our present location in the west end industrial park in Newport Kentucky and that location is now the home of the e-commerce site a subsidiary of Beacon Printing, Inc.


We have been printing raffle tickets since those first days in 1971:

·        It was in our first location that we printed our first raffle ticket for a local Elks Lodge.

·        In our second location, we became serious about raffle tickets by purchasing an existing company with the equipment needed to produce raffle tickets on a commercial scale.

·        Our present location is now the home of the modern, high-speed equipment that we use to produce high quality raffle tickets on a large-scale basis at a very attractive price.


We knew from the start that our clients placed their trust in us to accurately print the forms they require to successfully run their companies. Since that first day in 1971, we have taken that responsibility seriously and that philosophy extends directly to the raffle tickets that we print today. For example, because raffle tickets are used to award valuable prizes they are often a target for counterfeiters. Therefore we use anti-counterfeit features as a standard for all of the raffle tickets we print, at no additional cost. By incorporating these anti-counterfeit features into our raffle tickets we make their reproduction intractable.


We are proud of our 43 years of experience and are excited to bring to your organization the most comprehensive raffle ticket available.